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While working on these previous Delhi Metro posts, I began to wonder how the metro compared with other systems around the world, and found a few pretty interesting resources that I thought I should share. It turns out that a whole lot of cities (far more than I had previously thought, for example who knew […]

Caveats for this post:a) The whole thing is completely speculative.b) If you aren’t familiar with Delhi and the Delhi Metro system, this won’t make any sense to you at all, and will probably bore you to death.c) It’s all about maps and planned metro routes and other such geeky things.d) The whole thing is completely […]

This blog was originally supposed to be titled A Day on the Delhi Metro, but since it took me two days to travel the entire length of the metro system (because I got off at a lot of stations and explored the areas around), and since the photographs here include two more subsequent visits to […]