More Delhi Metro Maps


I made a few more maps of Delhi Metro routes on google maps. The first is of already active routes. The stations are already marked on the actual map itself – my map then just marks out the actual routes of the lines … or lines of the routes, whichever way you understand it!

The second map includes Phase 2 routes currently under construction. The good thing about these google maps is that I can update them as more lines become operational.

The third is my speculative map of possible Phase 3 routes. My previous post about Phase 3 plans explains the speculative origins of this map (click here to go to that post), though a recent article in the Hindustan Times also supports these speculations. Again with this map I can keep updating the routes as we get to know more about them.

I couldn’t link anymore to the Hindustan Times article, but here’s the map from that article.


3 Responses to “More Delhi Metro Maps”

  1. these metro maps are very useful and showing the metro routes ,which is need to know people today of Delhi.thanksauto parts accessories

  2. Why is Delhi government and Haryana Govt. not showing dedicated interest in extending Dwarka line to Rajeev Chowk in Gurgaon and extend existing Sushant lok line to meet at Rajeev Chowk Station which can help people working on Sohna Road and hero hondo for good connectivity along with so many residential colonies.k

  3. VarunThanks for putting these maps up. Delhi Metro phase 3 is so important and yet there is such a dearth of good maps.

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