Chasing the Metro follows the expanding network of Delhi Metro, with periodic updates on planned lines with maps and information, and photos documenting the urban settings of the lines.

As a Dilliwala (Delhiite) and firm believer in public transport, I’m a big fan of Delhi Metro. The metro system is currently expanding, with the first line opening in 2002, and phase 2 of expansion completed in 2011. Phase 3 begins construction in 2011 with a completion date of 2016, and phase 4 is scheduled for completion by 2021. The total system is just shy of 200km in 2011, will be over 300km by 2016 and over 400km by 2021, making it one of the biggest urban metro rail systems in the world. Thus the scope for documenting the expanding system is immense over the next few years.

While the maps that I make usually indicate newly announced routes or other metro-system information in a visual form, my photographs tend to document the urban settings of the metro routes as much as the stations and lines themselves. The metro is bringing about vast changes to the urban landscape of Delhi, and this photographic documentation can show the current interactions and interventions of the system with it’s settings, as well as help plot the changing urban landscape in the long term.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. great idea, this blog!

  2. Shiv, I was looking for a home for some photos I took on/around the metro in the last couple of months. I’m wondering whether you’d like them for this blog?

  3. Or should it be Varun?

    • 4 varunshiv

      Hi, it’s Varun but Shiv is fine too! Thanks for offering the photos for my blog! However, I think they’ll reach a wider audience if you put them up on Skyscrapercity’s “Delhi Metro Pics and Updates” thread. Just go to skyscrapercity.com and search for the thread. Unfortunately I think you need to register to upload photos. The other option is a photo-hosting site like Flickr. Cheers!

  4. 5 K K Trivedi

    I would like to use your photo of Nur Jahan ki sarai of Agra in some academic work. I would certainly acknowledge it. Would it be okay if I write ‘Courtesy Varun Shiv on flickr’ OR you want it differently. Pl. let me know. Thanks.
    I am available on trivedikk@gmail.com

  5. nice blog and some great pictures of delhi metro….

  6. 7 poornimavardhan

    Hi Varun: Great blog! I wanted to take some pictures in the metro Station and wanted to know who exactly I shd take permission for this from in DMRC? Thanks in advance!

    • 8 varunshiv

      Thanks! You’ll need to go to the DMRC headquarters near Connaught Place and they’ll guide you. After visiting a few offices I finally got permission from the office of the head communications person, who was Anuj Dayal a few years ago. They gave me permission only for a couple of stations of my choice, and only for few hours on a day or two of my choice.

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