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Updated maps can be download in vector PDF format on the Route Maps page. Active Routes:   Including under construction Phase 3 routes:   Including under construction Phase 3 routes and proposed Phase 4 routes: Advertisements

I’ve updated my Phase 3 route maps to include the latest approved lines (Mundka-Bahadurgarh; Dwarka-Najafgarh; Yamuna Vihar-Shiv Vihar). They can be downloaded as .pdf files at the Route Map page, or as .svg files from Wikimedia Commons via the .svg page. Phase 3 Route Map . Phase 3 Schematic Route Map

I’ve made two more maps for the Delhi Metro rail system. These new maps are more literal than the ones I made a few weeks ago, meaning that they plot the metro routes and stations more accurately than the earlier schematic maps. . All these maps are available on this blog’s Route Maps page . […]

I’ve updated my phase 3 map on Google Maps to show the latest approved lines. I’m only showing the lines that have been completely approved by the relevant state authorities, which means that the Najafgarh, Bahadurgarh, Shiv Vihar and Airport Express to Gurgaon extensions have not been shown. As these stretches are approved and final […]

Update: All versions of my Phase 2 & Phase 3 maps are available for download in PDF format at this blog’s Route Maps page (click here). Clicking on the 2 maps below will also link to that page . Before I get into explanations and reasonings, let me put up the two Delhi Metro route […]

Google map with updated Delhi Metro phase 3 planned routes. The dark lines are phase 1 & 2 active routes. Lighter lines are planned phase 3 routes. The blue line is the airport express line. Click on the static map below to get to the Google map. Phase 3 planned routes The next map shows […]

Following up on the Delhi Metro Phase 3 map I made a while ago (and also various metro maps using Google Maps), I’ve made another map – also on Google Maps – that incorporates planned Light Rail and Monorail projects as well. Click on the image below to go to the map. The impetus for […]

I made a few more maps of Delhi Metro routes on google maps. The first is of already active routes. The stations are already marked on the actual map itself – my map then just marks out the actual routes of the lines … or lines of the routes, whichever way you understand it! The […]

Caveats for this post:a) The whole thing is completely speculative.b) If you aren’t familiar with Delhi and the Delhi Metro system, this won’t make any sense to you at all, and will probably bore you to death.c) It’s all about maps and planned metro routes and other such geeky things.d) The whole thing is completely […]